About the Repository

Welcome to Repository Fakultas Kesehatan UKIM

Repository Fakultas Kesehatan UKIM is an online archive service which is managed by Faculty of Health, Indonesian Christian University Maluku. Committed to collecting, managing, storing, preserving, disseminating and facilitating access to digital collections produced by the Indonesian Christian University Maluku academic community for the wider community. The digital collections provided include final assignments, namely theses, theses, dissertations and other scientific works.

The main objective of this repository is to provide long-term, public, open access and easily retrieve to the digital collection to support teaching-learning process.

Contact Information

Jl. OT Pattimaipauw, Tanah Lapang Kecil
Ambon – 97115, Maluku, Indonesia
Telp: (+62911) 348521
Fax: (+62911) 346206
Email: ukimkesehatan@gmail.com

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to ukimkesehatan@gmail.com.